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Posted by Laura Griffin on Dec 5, 2017 10:04:51 AM


TempStable Refrigeration is transitioning to a new name: TempArmour™ Refrigeration!

Besides the new name and a new, user friendly website coming by January 2018, everything else will remain the same. All the great features that our customers have come to love and expect from the TempStable Refrigerator will be exactly the same under the TempArmour™ Refrigerator name.  

The new website is www.TempArmour.com and TempStable email addresses have been changed from @tempstable.com to @temparmour.com, however no worries! as www.TempStable.com and TempStable emails will continue to forward to us! 

As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions or if we can be of assistance.


The TempArmour Team

1 866 485-4199

Vaccine Refrigerator Demo at AAP Conference – temperature maintained for 6 days after unplugged!

Posted by Laura Griffin on Nov 3, 2016 5:11:07 PM


On October 22-24, 2016, TempArmour™ Refrigeration traveled to San Francisco, California to take part in the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) 2016 National Conference & Exhibition.

To demonstrate the incredible hold-over time of the TempArmour™ Vaccine Refrigerator, it was unplugged on Tuesday, October 18th and shipped to the AAP Conference site. When the fridge was opened at the tradeshow three days later on Saturday, October 22nd, the temperature was 5.1°C (41.2°F). On Monday, October 24th, when we were ready to pack up again, the temperature remained at 5.6°C (42.1°F), well below the upper limit of 8°C (46°F). The TempArmour™ refrigerator was still safely within temperature range to keep vaccines protected after 6 days without being plugged in!

The AAP conference provides a forum for physicians, residents, medical students, nurses and allied health members to convene for practical updates and reviews of pediatric practice, research, and advocacy. The pediatric technical exhibit is the largest of its kind and featured more than 360 companies, bringing the latest commercially available pediatric medical and pharmacologic products, services, resources, and technology. It was a great opportunity to meet health professionals from around the world and share knowledge and expertise.

TempArmour™ is the only vaccine refrigerator on the market that can hold temperature up to a week without power! We are proud to work with Pediatricians to keep children safe and healthy by helping to protect critical vaccines.

Rest Easy During the Storm Knowing That Your Vaccines Are Safe!

Posted by Laura Griffin on Jan 25, 2016 12:43:12 PM


It seems that no matter where you are located, extreme weather events are occurring more frequently.

Unfortunately for staff members that manage vaccines, there is an increased probability of power outages during storms, and that your facility may lose power in the midst of one.

Most providers have three choices when volatile weather conditions are forecast:

1/ Move your vaccines to an alternate pre-determined storage location in advance of the storm.
However, the preparation and travel time, costs, and disruption to the office can be significant.

2/ Leave your vaccines in place if your refrigerator has a continuous-monitoring temperature alarm/notification system.
If the alarm goes off will anyone be able to venture out into the storm to retrieve the vaccines? It may not be safe or even possible in many cases.

3/ Relax and stay safe with the TempArmour Worry Free Vaccine Refrigerator.
Even if there is a power outage, the TempArmour will stay in range for days (without backup power). 

With the TempArmour Refrigerator, you don’t have to worry about how or when you will be able to get to your facility.  With the ability to stay in range for over 4 days without a backup power source, you can rest easy knowing that the vaccines won’t spoil.

We are not suggesting that there will never be a scenario with the TempArmour where you may need to move your vaccines (e.g., flooding, forest fire, prolonged evacuation, etc.)…it’s just much less likely.

Remember…SAFETY first!

Note: CDC’s Vaccine Storage & Handling Toolkit recommends that an Emergency Vaccine Retrieval and Storage Plan be in place. VFC Providers under the Vaccines for Children (VFC) Program are also required by their State to have an Emergency Vaccine Management Plan in Place. Click here to view Vaccine Storage and Handling Guidelines and Information.

Find Out What You are REALLY Paying for Vaccine Storage!

Posted by Laura Griffin on Jan 14, 2016 10:05:15 AM

New Vaccine Refrigerator Cost Evaluation Tool

Vaccine storage can be a complicated and costly endeavor. Beyond the price to purchase a vaccine refrigerator, other expenses often include:


• Battery backup power or a generator;
• Alarm/monitoring systems;
• Ongoing monitoring costs;
• On-call staff;
• Administration costs to address cold chain incidents;
• Maintenance and service costs; and
• Power consumption

We have put together an interactive cost comparison tool that makes it quick and easy to evaluate what your current vaccine refrigerator is costing you. It also shows you what the TempArmour™ Worry Free Vaccine Refrigerator typically costs. However, beyond the physical costs, the peace of mind that you get when you don’t have to worry about your vaccines is priceless.

Click here to access the Vaccine Refrigerator Cost Comparison Worksheet now!

The TempArmour™ Outperforms Other Brands in Real World Comparison of Vaccine Refrigerators

Posted by Laura Griffin on Nov 5, 2015 2:23:26 PM

TempStable vs other vaccine refrigerator brands

We are very proud of our high rate of repeat customers. Many of our customers start out by trying one TempArmour™ Vaccine Refrigerator and quickly see the difference between it and other vaccine refrigerators in their office. The TempArmour™ Refrigerator's advantages are especially evident when there is a power outage. This was the case recently with a Pediatric Medical Group in California. This medical office has two vaccine refrigerators in their office: one TempArmour™ Refrigerator as well as another brand of vaccine refrigerator (standard upright model).

Recently, this California medical office experienced a significant power outage. After 17 hours with no power, the TempArmour™ Vaccine Refrigerator was still well within the required temperature range* while the temperature of the other vaccine refrigerator had climbed several degrees above the upper limit of 46°F (8°C). The Pediatric Group called shortly after as they decided to replace that vaccine refrigerator with a second TempArmour™ Refrigerator.

*Note: the TempArmour™ Vaccine Refrigerator will typically stay within temperature range for up to 6 days during a power outage and doesn’t use/require backup power. Click here to find out how the TempArmour™ protects vaccines during power outages.

TempArmour FAQs – How are Vaccines Organized in the TempArmour™ Vaccine Refrigerator?

Posted by Laura Griffin on Aug 4, 2015 3:37:33 PM
vaccine_organization_in_TempStable_Vaccine_RefrigeratorThis is a common question since many practitioners have not previously used a chest style refrigerator for vaccine storage.

However, the effective organization of vaccines is simpler than you may imagine using baskets and other accessories included with each TempArmour™ Refrigerator.


Vaccines are stored in baskets in the TempArmour™ Vaccine Refrigerator. There are two baskets across the top and one basket on the bottom. Vaccines can be further divided into smaller baskets if desired and plastic tags are included that can be clipped onto the baskets for identification.

Although the TempArmour fridge holds a large quantity of vaccines (e.g., up to 700 single dose syringes!), many customers find they only need to use the top baskets on a day-to-day basis. The bottom basket is often used when large quantities of vaccines are ordered, for example during flu season.

Note: As each user (health center / lab /pharmacy etc.) is unique with regard to the number and types of vaccines being stored, so is the exact layout/organization of the vaccines preferred by each.

Vaccine Placement Chart

A magnetic “Vaccine Placement Chart” is also provided that can be completed and affixed to the outside of the fridge for reference.

Customer feedback:
Our customers tell us that the TempArmour’s chest style configuration is an effective and easy to use vaccine refrigerator design and they are often surprised to find how much they prefer the chest style TempArmour fridge over upright models upon switching over!

Others have also commented that they appreciate no longer having to bend down to reach the lower shelves, as they had to do in the past with under-the counter fridges and other upright models.

THREE Important Features to Consider When Purchasing a Vaccine Refrigerator

Posted by Laura Griffin on Jul 28, 2015 2:08:00 PM
3_features_to_consider_for_vaccine_fridge-sm Vaccine refrigerators need to reliably and consistently keep their temperature within the required 36-46°F (2-8°C) range to ensure that the integrity of refrigerated vaccines is maintained. This is true, not only when a vaccine refrigerator is closed but also throughout the day when it is being opened to access vaccines.

Purchasing a vaccine refrigerator with the following features will go a long way in avoiding cold chain incidents and vaccine losses later on. We explain below how 3 of the TempArmour™ Vaccine Refrigerator’s features contribute to improved vaccine storage conditions.  This is something that TempArmour™ customers experience everyday (see our customer testimonials).

Feature #1   Upright vs Chest Style  
A big challenge with upright vaccine refrigerators is that they open from the front. When the door is opened, temperature-regulated air rushes out and warmer ambient air from the room enters the fridge. This upright design is notorious for resulting in wide temperature fluctuations in the fridge.

In contrast, a top opening, chest style cabinet design contributes to a stable temperature within the fridge. Since cold air is heavier than warm air, the chest style vaccine refrigerator is effective at retaining the cooler 36-46°F (2-8°C) air in the fridge when it is opened and closed throughout the day.

Feature #2   Insulated Cabinet and Doors vs Glass Doors
There are essentially two types of vaccine refrigerator cabinets available. One is the more traditional insulated refrigerator with an insulated cabinet and doors, and a polymer or metal exterior. The other type is vaccine refrigerators that have glass doors. Glass doors became a popular feature for upright vaccine refrigerators to try to mitigate the fact that practitioners need to get in and out of upright refrigerators as quickly as possible to minimize the amount of temperature fluctuation within the fridge as described above (in Feature #1).

Unfortunately, glass doors on vaccine refrigerators create a whole new set of issues that lead to cold chain incidents and vaccine losses.

Typical vaccine refrigerators with glass doors do not have an energy efficient shell, and therefore consume much more power to maintain the required temperature within the fridge.

Besides costing significantly more to operate, vaccine fridges with glass doors go out of range very quickly, usually within a couple of hours, in the event of a disruption to power (e.g., blackout or cord unplugged) or if the fridge should stop operating due to any other reason, e.g. equipment malfunction. In contrast, the TempArmour™ Vaccine Refrigerator will maintain its temperature for several days under the same circumstances.

Feature #3   A Quality Min-Max Thermometer and Data Logger 
Besides using a well-designed vaccine refrigerator, it is crucial to have accurate temperature readings. It is for this reason, that the TempArmour™ Vaccine Refrigerator is equipped with the highest quality min-max thermometer and data logger that meet all government requirements and recommendations.

The bottom line is if you choose a well-designed vaccine refrigerator with these features in mind, you will have come a long way in avoiding the refrigerated vaccine storage issues and excessive costs that are so common place.

Resources available to promote National Immunization Awareness Month (August)

Posted by Laura Griffin on Jul 23, 2015 12:41:00 PM


August is National Immunization Awareness Month and there are lots of resources available to help get the message out about the importance of immunization for both adults and children! 

The National Public Health Information Coalition collaborated with the CDC to put together an organized toolkit of promotional resources including vaccine information, graphics, sample news releases, and promotional messages. There is even a suggested schedule of weekly themes that can be used to get your message out.

Visit the 2015 National Immunization Awareness Month Communications Toolkit webpage for everything that you need to promote the importance of immunizations during the month of August and throughout the year.

Enjoy the Holidays With No Worries About Your Vaccine Refrigerator

Posted by Laura Griffin on Nov 18, 2014 9:51:00 AM
This is the reality for TempArmour™ Refrigerator customers...

Whether it is at night, on a weekend, or during a family holiday, our customers do not worry, since the TempArmour™ Vaccine Refrigerator will stay within the required temperature range for an extended period of time (4-7 days) in the event of a power outage or other disruption to the fridge’s operation (power outage; unplugged electrical cord; equipment end of life; etc.). 

Prior to the TempArmour™ Vaccine Refrigerator, it was accepted that the only way to protect refrigerated vaccines after hours was to provide ongoing remote temperature monitoring of the vaccine fridge; on-call staff; and a very detailed and elaborate plan for the on-call staff to rush into work (during the night/weekend/holiday/storm) to pack up and move the vaccines to another designated location. 
It doesn’t have to be that way. 

The new TempArmour™ Refrigerator employs a proven design and technology that essentially eliminates all of the common problems of vaccine refrigeration. 

In addition, the TempArmour™ Refrigerator saves you money in so many ways.

Download our Cost Savings Brochure for more info

TempArmour™ customers can relax during their time off.

How about you?

Canadian Immunization Conference December 2-4 2014 in Ottawa, Ontario Canada

Posted by Laura Griffin on Nov 14, 2014 2:44:00 PM
2014 Canadian Immunization Conference

The Canadian immunization Conference brings together over 1000 professionals in the immunization field every second year. This year the Conference features over 80 speakers from across Canada and abroad who will be addressing a wide range of immunization topics.  There will also be more than 30 exhibits showcased in the trade show.

Come visit us at booth 29 and see the TempArmour™ Vaccine Refrigerator in action!

The TempArmour™ refrigerator will be unplugged prior to shipping to the Conference where you will see firsthand how the temperature within the TempArmour Refrigerator will still be in range several days later…without the use of backup power!

You will also see the latest in min-max thermometers and data loggers used in the TempArmour™ Vaccine Refrigerator and find out how they meet the best practices in Canada; as well as the latest recommendations of the CDC in the United States.

Click Here to obtain a copy of the Preliminary Program for the Conference!

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