The TempArmour® Advantage

Discover the benefits of phase-change material (PCM) temperature-sensitive protection where you need it, optimized for daily use and emergency preparedness.

Get medical-grade storage that maintains stable temperatures for daily use and for up to six days in an outage. TempArmour products use PCM, a chest design configuration, and insulation technology to increase temperature stability and holdover time.

Unmatched Benefits

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Proven Technology

Stabilize temperatures for up to six days in a storm or outage with an insulated PCM lining and a top-opening design that keeps cold air in.
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Easy, Simple Design

Reduce stress with ergonomic products designed with an emphasis on usability, efficiency, and effectiveness.

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Peace of Mind

Access supplies as you need them without door ajar issues, temperature spikes, or supply loss.

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Calibrated for Excellence

Get technology that’s purpose-built for compliance with federal vaccine program guidelines and requirements.

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Protection Across Applications

Maintain stability for temperature-sensitive supplies including vaccines, medicine, and blood, even during an extended outage.

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Innovative and

Provide quality care day in and day out with effective cold chain storage that maximizes space for efficient inventory management and protection. With TempArmour refrigeration, you can count on:

  • No cold spots
  • No freezing
  • No temperature spikes
  • No water bottles needed
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Better Than Backup Power

Unlike backup battery systems that provide short-term power outage coverage, TempArmour refrigerators and freezers maintain in-range temperatures for days – no backup power required.

Build a strong emergency preparedness plan, eliminate costly losses and staff time to move inventory, and make sure critical supplies are available when needed.

If you do require a backup system, TempArmour offers economical options and personalized guidance on the right solution for your energy needs.

Built for Cost Savings

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Low Power Consumption
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No On-Call Staff Time
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Eliminate Cold-Chain Incidents
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Mini Guide: Stay Cool With Reliable Medical-Grade Storage

Find all the information you need to choose the right refrigeration solution for your facility.

Better Protection for a Better Experience

“The TempArmour vaccine refrigerator has improved my winter. The fridge temperature has remained consistently within range and my vaccines have not had to be replaced at all. It does not take up a lot of space, it maintains a consistent temperature and it is easy to get in and out of, and the temperature is not greatly affected by the door being opened to access vaccines. We are happy that we went with this product for our clinic.”
Laura R.
“After using a refrigerator/small freezer combo for vaccine storage, and dealing with the out of range temperatures too many times, I decided to purchase the TempArmour vaccine refrigerator. It maintained the temperature perfectly, and never went out of range for all of the studies we needed it for. I highly recommend this vaccine refrigerator.”
Marcia C.
“I want to say how much I appreciate all the extras that came with the refrigerator, like the labels and label holders, document holders with magnets, etc. It is evident that your company really thought about what is needed for a vaccine refrigerator and decided to include that with the product. Customer care and services seem to be in short supply everywhere else, but your company shines in this respect!”
Janet S.

Simplify Your Cold Chain Storage

Take the pain out of temperature-sensitive storage with worry-free solutions.

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