Stable Refrigeration for Your Peace of Mind

Get vaccine refrigerators that maintain temperatures for six days for use in medical facilities, blood banks, labs, pharmacies, and more.

Reliable Refrigeration That’s Always on Call

No more back-up batteries, remote alarm notification systems, or weekend duty – just simple, consistent refrigeration that reads the same temperature day after day.


Up to 6 Days of Outage and Storm Protection

Take advantage of stable PCM technology for in-range temperatures during outages.


Reduced Cold-Chain Incidents

Eliminate temperature excursions or vaccine loss and minimize paperwork.


Designed for Daily Use

Enjoy easy access with a chest-style configuration designed to save time and reduce user error.


Versatile, Effective Refrigeration

Experience reliable pharmaceutical-grade storage for blood, medicine, and more.


Meets Vaccines for Children (VFC) Requirements

Meet CDC and Vaccines for Children program guidelines using refrigeration and data loggers calibrated for compliance.

TempArmour® refrigerators ensure consistent temperatures you can count on for everyday use and emergency preparedness using phase-change material (PCM) cooling technology.

Two Options To Meet Your Needs

TempArmour BFRV84 Refrigerator

TempArmour BFRV84 Refrigerator (Standard)

TempArmour BFRV36 Refrigerator

TempArmour BFRV36 Refrigerator (Compact)

TempArmour BFRV84 refrigerator

The Original TempArmour Vaccine Refrigerator (Model BFRV84)

Tap into worry-free refrigeration and proven storm protection with the original TempArmour refrigerator, which keeps temperatures within a 2°C to 8°C range during an outage for up to six days.

Innovative Features for a Worry-Free Experience

PCM Lining
Leverage uniform temperatures that stay in range to make the most of every inch of space.
Chest-Style Configuration
Avoid temperature excursions with a top-opening design that keeps cool air in.
Large Capacity
Store more than 2,000* vaccine or medicine doses, comparable to a 21ft3 upright refrigerator.
Simple and Efficient
Eliminate ongoing maintenance with proven refrigeration built using top-quality components.
Comprehensive Organization System
Stay on top of inventory with a two-tier basket system, plus dividers, trays, and labels.
*200 boxes of 10x0.5ml vials or 70 boxes of 10 single-dose syringes (based on typical manufacturer box sizes)
What's in the Fridge? interactive infographic

Interactive Infographic: What’s in the Fridge?

Look inside TempArmour’s BFRV84 refrigerator and see the difference a purpose-built vaccine refrigerator makes for temperature-sensitive storage.

TempArmour Vaccine Refrigerator (Model BFRV36)

The compact BFRV36 model uses the same PCM technology and chest design to maintain critical temperatures for up to four days without power.
Space Savings
Store more than 1,300 doses* in a unit – ideal for travel clinics, pharmacies, and facilities with limited space.
Organization Tools
Maximize space with one large basket, moveable organizers, and a sliding tray for easy access.
*130 boxes of 10x0.5ml vials or 30 boxes of 10 single-dose syringes (based on typical manufacturer box sizes)

In Range and On Budget

Eliminate nearly all your additional yearly refrigeration costs with TempArmour’s reliable temperatures, exceptionally low power consumption, and purpose-built design.
* Click here to view notes/assumptions for our example (assumes a 10-year lifespan for both refrigerators)
TempArmour freezer

Dependable Low-Temperature Storage

Maintain stable temperatures for up to four days during power outages with the TempArmour freezer (BFFV15) for labs, vaccine clinics, and pharmacies.

Keep It Cool On the Go

Transport vaccines and medicines safely with a reliable, lab-tested medical cooler that maintains temperatures for up to three days in an outage or storm.
TermpArmour Vaccine Carrier

Better Protection for a Better Experience

“I purchased a TempArmour refrigerator about a year ago and have tested it extensively. The temperature is constant from day to day AND the temperature shows very little variability regardless of its placement in the refrigerator.”
Ken F.
“We love the TempArmour Refrigerator. We decided to create additional space for vaccine storage at our hospital location where they have generated power during power outages. I am finding that the battery back-up are working very well for the short-term power outages and the TempArmour houses the most expensive vaccines.”
Cindy J.
“What I love about the TempArmour Vaccine Refrigerator is that the temperature fluctuates minimally. The usual fluctuation in a day is 0.3 – 0.4 degrees even with opening the door/lid because cool air drops instead of rising up and out of the fridge. My temp range is around 3.5 consistently.”
Liz F.

Refrigeration You Can Rely On

Deliver vaccines and medicine worry-free with simple, quality, and efficient refrigeration built to stay within range.

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