Certified Digital Data Loggers

Ensure accurate temperature monitoring and tracking with high-performing temperature data loggers for refrigerators, freezers, and medical coolers.

Calibration You Can Count On

Find reliable, precise data loggers suitable to track medical cooler temperatures and use as backup monitoring for your medical-grade refrigerator or freezer.

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Accurate Temperature Display

Get peace of mind with an internal sensor with +/-0.5ºC accuracy connected to an easy-to-read outer display.

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Compatible With Monitoring Standards

Meet international quality standards and requirements for temperature monitoring with ISO 17025-certified devices.

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Prevent False

Count on accurate readings with a glycol sensor that distinguishes minor changes during regular use.

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No Software

Directly download monitoring data in standard formats with cable and USB connectors for easy reporting.

Make sure your temperature-sensitive supplies are always within range by using refrigerator and freezer data loggers compatible with World Health Organization (WHO), Vaccines for Children (VFC), and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) requirements.

DeltaTrak FlashLink Data Logger

DeltaTrak® FlashLink® Data Logger
(Model 40527-01)

Fridge-tag 2L (for Fridge) Data Logger

Fridge-tag® 2L (for Fridge) Data Logger With ISO 17025 Calibration

Fridge-tag 2L (for Freezer) Data Logger

Fridge-tag 2L (for Freezer) Data Logger With ISO 17025 Calibration

DeltaTrak FlashLink Data Logger (Model 40527-01)

DeltaTrak’s data logger meets calibration standards for both refrigerated and frozen temperatures, making it a popular option for medical cooler monitoring.

DeltaTrak FlashLink Data Logger


  • Prequalified by the WHO under Performance Quality Safety code PQS E006/047
  • Compatible with CDC and VFC guidelines
  • Ideal for monitoring vaccines and liquid medicines during storage
  • Programmable for immediate or delayed start
  • Glycol-buffered sensor emulates products and prevents false alarms
  • Automatically generates PDF, CSV, and daily log reports
  • Audible and/or visual alarm and low-battery notification
  • Easy-to-read LCD display
  • USB connection to quickly and easily download temperature data
  • Includes manufacturer’s ISO 17025 certificate of compliance
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Steady on the Go

Know your timelines and requirements to transport temperature-sensitive supplies in the event of a storm, outage, or emergency.

Fridge-tag 2L (for Fridge) Data Logger With ISO 17025 Calibration

Use the Fridge-tag 2L logger as your primary or backup monitoring device for worry-free refrigerator monitoring (2-8°C) that meets CDC and VFC program requirements.

Fridge-tag 2L (for Fridge) Data Logger


  • No software required
  • Extract data directly in PDF format via USB
  • +16,000 recordings (56 days) in memory
  • 3-year ISO 17025 calibration certificate
  • +/-0.5ºC measuring accuracy
  • 62″ sensor ULTRA flat cable
  • Large LCD screen of 1″ x 3.75″

Fridge-tag 2L (for Freezer) Data Logger With ISO 17025 Calibration

The Fridge-tag 2L freezer logger delivers the same benefits as the fridge logger, calibrated to monitor temperatures for frozen medical supplies (-50°C to -15°C).

Fridge-tag 2L (for Freezer) Data Logger
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Worry-Free Data Logging in Your Facility

Make it easy to monitor and log your on-site medical supply temperatures and stay compliant. All TempArmour® refrigerators and freezers include an ISO 17025 calibrated data logger.

Better Protection for a Better Experience

“It was very helpful to get a follow-up phone call and email to address any questions. It was also helpful to receive such thorough instructions on setting up the data logger/thermometer.”

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Because Every Degree Counts

Get peace of mind with accurate temperature readings and records for your temperature-sensitive supplies.

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