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for nurses, doctors and others with responsibilities related to immunization

Our sincerest appreciation and THANK YOU to all of the healthcare and front-line workers during this COVID-19 pandemic.

An Alternative to Ice: The New Way to Pack Vaccines For Transport

There are many reasons that vaccines are transported, whether it is to bring vaccines to a satellite site, to run an off-site immunization clinic, or to move vaccines prior to a storm or other event that triggered the site's vaccine emergency management plan.

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Off-Site Immunization Clinics: Vaccine Carrier Surpasses Expectations!

Off-site Immunization Clinic Solution: Keep Vaccines in Temperature Range
The TempArmour® Vaccine Carrier stayed in temperature range for a total of 2.5 days when opened every 5 minutes over a 10 hour period! See the Test Results below!

Ever wonder how long your cooler will stay in range at your off-site Immunization Clinic? This is a question that we are often asked about the TempArmour® Vaccine Carrier.

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