Medical Coolers That Go the Distance

Transport supplies worry-free with lab-qualified vaccine and medical travel coolers that provide safe storage and maintain stable temperatures for up to three days.

Keep Your Cool

Get a lab-qualified medical cooler (also called vaccine carriers) to transport supplies and support your emergency preparedness plans.

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Up to 3 Days of Cold-Chain Protection

Count on days of stable temperatures within the critical 2-8°C range (when the cooler is kept closed).

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Hours of Stability for Offsite Use

Reduce supply loss with eight hours of temperature control when the cooler is opened and closed.

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Secure, Ergonomic Design

Travel worry-free with carrier features including a lightweight cart, durable carrier material, and easy access options.

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Versatile and Effective

Provide reliable medical-grade storage and transport for blood, medicine, and more with no ice packs or electricity required.

TempArmour® medical coolers use phase-change material (PCM) and vacuum-insulated panel (VIP) technology to improve emergency preparedness and deliver better cold-chain protection during transport and for off-site care.

TempArmour Medical Cooler VCT-4

TempArmour Medical Cooler VCT-4
(Refrigerated Temperature)

TempArmour Medical Cooler VCT-21

TempArmour Medical Cooler VCT-21
(Frozen Temperature)

PCM panels for refrigerated temperature

Extra Set of PCM Panels (Refrigerated Temperature)

PCM panels for frozen temperature

Extra Set of PCM Panels (Frozen Temperature)

TempArmour Medical Cooler (Model VCT-4)

The VCT-4 Carrier includes panels to maintain vaccines within the refrigerated range (2-8°C) for days without a backup power source.

TempArmour Medical Cooler (Model VCT-4)

Temperature Control When and Where You Need It

PCM and VIP Insulating Panels
Leverage uniform temperatures that stay in range with lab-qualified container and pack-out technology.
Simple Setup and Monitoring
Easily condition cooler panels in the refrigerator or freezer and confirm readiness with an included infrared (IR) thermometer.
Large Capacity
Transport up to 57% more doses than 8L medical travel coolers to get supplies where they’re needed faster.
Convenient Additional Storage
Stow and access documents, data loggers, and personal items within multiple pockets.
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Steady on the Go

Know your timelines and requirements to transport temperature-sensitive supplies in the event of a storm, outage, or emergency.

TempArmour Medical Cooler (Model VCT-21)

The VCT-21 Carrier includes the same convenient, reliable design features as the VCT-4, with panels that maintain vaccines within the frozen range (-50°C to -15°C) for daily and emergency use.

TempArmour Medical Cooler (Model VCT-21)

Flexible Temperature Control Options

Keep backup panels on hand or swap out panels to store refrigerated or frozen supplies as needed.

Refrigerated PCM panels

Extra Set of 6 PCM Panels (2-8°C)

Frozen PCM panels

Extra Set of 6 PCM Panels (-50°C to -15°C)

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Cold-Chain Storage That’s Always on Call

Maintain stable temperatures for up to six days during storms and outages with medical-grade refrigerators and freezers for doctor’s offices, vaccine clinics, and pharmacies.

Better Protection for a Better Experience

“We have received 2 VCT-4 coolers. It maintains the temperature for a continuous 8 hours, and we are really happy with your service and product.”
Shruti P.

“I received the carrier and I love it already! It is compact and I really like how it comes with the strap and wagon for easy transportation.”

Teresita M.

“This is a game-changer for our vaccine clinic administrations.”

Patricia M.

When Every Dose Counts

Transport and provide temperature-sensitive supplies where they’re needed – no ice packs required.

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