Purpose-Built to Meet the Highest Standards

Explore stable, worry-free medical storage options from TempArmour® that meet Vaccines for Children (VFC) program requirements and keep you compliant.

The VFC program provides vital immunizations at no cost to children across the United States whose caregivers may not be able to afford them. VFC providers need to maintain strict safety protocols and documentation to ensure that every dose is effective and safe.

TempArmour’s refrigerators and freezers are purpose-built for vaccine storage using phase-change material (PCM) technology and an innovative chest-opening design to ensure compliance with all VFC requirements.

Exceptional Vaccine Protection

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Uniform Temperatures

Store vaccines anywhere in the unit with confidence – no spacing or water bottles needed.

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No Backup Power Required

Count on innovative PCM lining to maintain safe and stable temperatures for days, not hours.

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Cost Savings

Minimize vaccine loss and labor, energy, and maintenance costs with a simple, reliable design.

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Peace of Mind

Stay compliant while eliminating door ajar issues, false alarms, and remote monitoring.

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Trusted, Effective Technology

Since 2012, VFC-participating providers have relied on TempArmour’s proven technology to remain compliant with federal vaccine storage and handling guidelines.

In addition to pharmaceutical-grade, lab-verified protection, every TempArmour refrigerator and freezer includes an ISO 17025-certified data logger and min/max thermometer to track and verify temperatures according to VFC guidelines.


Worry-Free Compliance

  • Up to 6 Days of Protection Protect every dose with in-range temperatures during outages.
  • Digital Data Loggers Get reliable refrigerator (2°C to 8°C) and freezer (-50°C to -15°C) temperature monitoring that meets federal vaccine program requirements.
  • Vaccine Organization Use included baskets, dividers, and labels to streamline inventory retrieval and management.
  • Large Capacity Store vaccines efficiently with no lost space and have the supplies you need on hand.
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Mini Guide: Stay Cool With Reliable Medical-Grade Storage

Find all the information you need to choose the right refrigeration solution for your facility.

Better Protection for a Better Experience

“The TempArmour vaccine refrigerator has improved my winter. The fridge temperature has remained consistently within range and my vaccines have not had to be replaced at all. It does not take up a lot of space, it maintains a consistent temperature and it is easy to get in and out of, and the temperature is not greatly affected by the door being opened to access vaccines. We are happy that we went with this product for our clinic.”

Laura R.

“After using a refrigerator/small freezer combo for vaccine storage, and dealing with the out of range temperatures too many times, I decided to purchase the TempArmour vaccine refrigerator. It maintained the temperature perfectly, and never went out of range for all of the studies we needed it for. I highly recommend this vaccine refrigerator.”

Marcia C.

“I want to say how much I appreciate all the extras that came with the refrigerator, like the labels and label holders, document holders with magnets, etc. It is evident that your company really thought about what is needed for a vaccine refrigerator and decided to include that with the product. Customer care and services seem to be in short supply everywhere else, but your company shines in this respect!”

Janet S.

Peace of Mind You Can Depend On

Ensure VFC compliance with refrigerators and freezers built for vaccine storage.

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