About Us

Meet TempArmour®, a trusted medical storage and backup power solution company serving healthcare facilities, vaccine clinics, and more for over 10 years.

TempArmour designs and manufactures exceptional medical-grade storage for critical vaccines, medicine, and temperature-sensitive supplies.

A single degree can make a difference in the safety and efficacy of medical supplies. That’s why we develop our refrigerators, freezers, and medical coolers to make daily care easier and maintain stable temperatures for days without power.

Products and Support That Deliver
Peace of Mind

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Get purpose-built storage and consistent temperatures with phase-change material (PCM) technology and a chest-opening configuration.
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Ease of Use

Enjoy an ergonomic, top-opening design and an organization system with tools for easy access and retrieval.
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Personal Support

Find the right product that meets your needs with options for refrigeration or frozen supplies, sizing, and convenience.
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Unsurpassed Quality

Our products are rigorously tested to ensure consistent, predictable temperatures in line with federal storage and handling guidelines.
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Our Story

TempArmour began as a solar and backup power company in 2001. We evolved as it became clear that people needed reliable cold chain power solutions, particularly in the medical community.

Bringing together diverse experience in environmental consulting, engineering, and manufacturing, in 2012 we introduced the original TempArmour refrigerator, which lasts up to six days in an outage without backup power. Today we offer a wide range of medical-grade storage options that provide exceptional, longer-lasting temperature stability.

Supplies stored in baskets in a TempArmour vaccine refrigerator

Customer-Driven Solutions

The TempArmour team is tight-knit, family-based, and customer-focused. We’re committed to continuous improvement to ensure our products go beyond the mechanics of stable cold chain storage to save you time and stress.

In addition to consistent, reliable temperatures, TempArmour products offer significant cost savings by reducing energy, maintenance, and on-call costs while eliminating supply losses. Interested in better cold chain storage? Get in touch to discuss the right solution for your supplies, budget, and facility.

Leadership Team

Everyone at TempArmour takes a hands-on approach to providing the best products and experience. Meet our dedicated team.

Laura Griffin Managing Director

Craig Griffin Product Manager

David Brandreth Sales Manager

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Interactive Infographic: What’s in the Fridge?

Look inside TempArmour’s BFRV84 refrigerator and see the difference a purpose-built vaccine refrigerator makes for temperature-sensitive storage.

Better Protection for a Better Experience

“The service that you provided to us was amazing. It is hard to find people out there that care about their clients, but you have always gone above and beyond to get us what we needed. This was not only the best purchase that I have ever made, within my organization, but also the best customer service that I have EVER received from a vendor.”
“I want to say how much I appreciate all the extras that came with the refrigerator, like the labels and label holders, document holders with magnets, etc. It is evident that your company really thought about what is needed for a vaccine refrigerator and decided to include that with the product. Customer care and services seem to be in short supply everywhere else, but your company shines in this respect!”
Janet S.
“Ivana was extremely helpful in resolving a major issue for our organization when timing was a high priority for us. She went above and beyond in rectifying our issue and providing an efficient solution. Thank you!”
Daniel R.

Cold Chain, Warm Welcome

Find out more about our commitment to simple, quality, and effective cold chain storage solutions.
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