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Vaccine Refrigerator unplugged for 2 days - only increases by 0.9⁰F!


Results of the TempArmour™ Refrigerator Demonstration at the April 2014 Arizona Immunization Conference

We had a great time in Phoenix on April 23-24th exhibiting at the Arizona Immunization Conference. We brought along the TempArmour™ Vaccine Refrigerator to demonstrate just how stable its temperature is.

The TempArmour™ Refrigerator was unplugged in Tucson at 1PM on Monday April 21st prior to being shipped to the Conference Center in Phoenix. The internal temperature of the fridge when it was unplugged on Monday was 40.1⁰F/4.5⁰C.

When we arrived on Wednesday morning, the temperature of the vaccine fridge was 40.8⁰F /4.9⁰C and remained at that temperature all day. Any vaccines inside this fridge after two entire days of being unplugged would still be safe!

On Thursday morning, we unlocked the fridge and opened and closed it throughout the day to show attendees. At the end of the day, the temperature within the fridge was at 41.7⁰F (5.4⁰C).

After 3 days of being completely unplugged, and while being opened and closed throughout the 3rd day, the TempArmour Vaccine Refrigerator still was well within the critical temperature range! Also, the temperature never went outside of the critical range throughout the day even as it was being opened and closed!!! Amazing!

Click Here to view a sample graph of the TempArmour™ Vaccine Refrigerator's performance during a power outage.