How to Simplify Vaccine Storage and Handling

How to Simplify Vaccine Storage and Handling

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Proper vaccine storage and handling practices are essential for protecting vaccines. Even the smallest mistake, oversight, or malfunction can result in costly losses or reduced effectiveness. To prevent these negative outcomes, health authorities at a variety of levels create guidelines, recommendations, and standards in attempts to reduce risk as much as possible.

The lengths that we must go to protect vaccines have increased over time. From lining fridges with water bottles and leaving space between boxes, to on-call nurses responding to temperature changes after-hours and developing elaborate emergency plans, it can feel like we are working harder to protect vaccines than our fridges are. New measures are put in place all the time in an attempt to overcome weaknesses and inefficiencies of our vaccine refrigerators.

The TempArmour™ Refrigerator has been designed to address as many of these difficulties as possible. By rethinking refrigeration down to the very basics, TempArmour™ offers a simple yet unique and innovative design that aims to eliminate challenges, rather than applying band-aid solutions to the problems of traditional models. This results in a purpose-built vaccine refrigerator that reduces the work and worry of protecting vaccines instead of adding to it.

Here are just a few ways that the TempArmour™ Vaccine Refrigerator can help to simplify vaccine storage and handling practices:

  • Built-in PCM technology reliably holds the refrigerator’s temperature stable, meaning that there is no need for water bottles to help keep the temperature in range.
  • Since the technology is not fan-dependent, space between vaccines is not required. Vaccines can be organized close together anywhere within the fridge.
  • The chest-style design helps to keep heavier cold air inside, preventing temperature spikes when the door is opened.
  • The TempArmour’s incredible ability to hold the temperature in range for up to 6 days gives users ample time to react to power outages, accidental unplugging, or refrigerator malfunction. This eliminates the need for battery back-up, generators, or on-call staff to quickly transport vaccines elsewhere to keep them within temperature range.

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