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What’s Going On? Upcoming Conferences and Events of Interest to Immunization and Vaccine Practitioners (January-April 2014)


We will be posting upcoming events periodically throughout the year. Some will be specifically related to vaccines and immunization, while others may not focus exclusively on vaccination but would be of interest to healthcare professionals and providers who have responsibilities related to vaccines.

Here is a list of events occurring during the next few months:

March 5-6, 2014       Western Canada Immunization Forum
(Edmonton, AB) 

March 11-14, 2014   NAPNAP 35th Annual Conference
(Boston, MA)            Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners

March 24-26, 2014   World Vaccine Congress
(Washington, DC)

March 26, 2014        New Hampshire Immunization Conference
(Manchester, NH)

April 4-6, 2014         Alaska Pharmacists Convention
(Anchorage, AK)

April 10-11, 2014    12th Annual Travel Health Conference 
(Winnipeg, MB) 

April 10-11, 2014     Society of Pediatric Nurses Convention
(Scottsdale, AZ)

April 23-24, 2014     Arizona Immunization Conference
(Phoenix, AZ)