Why Buy TempArmour®?

Now more than ever before, money and your staff’s time are in short supply and it is becoming increasingly important to purchase vaccine storage equipment that you can trust to protect your vaccines, to avoid equipment-related cold chain issues.

How can TempArmour products save you time, money and resources?
By providing vaccine storage products that are exceptional in maintaining vaccines in the correct temperature range, and even for days through power outages.

Another benefit often experienced after purchasing a TempArmour Refrigerator?
Our customers often tell us they constantly worried about their vaccine storage temperatures prior to switching to the TempArmour Refrigerator. You have enough things to worry about…unreliable vaccine storage equipment does not have to be one of them!

Solve two problems with one purchase
The TempArmour Vaccine Refrigerator (or Vaccine Freezer) eliminates the need for costly backup power.

Download our PDF Guide “Vaccine Protection Options to Consider for Power Outages and Your Emergency Plan” to find out more about how TempArmour products address the challenges of vaccine storage during storms and other emergencies.

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