The TempArmour Refrigerator typically ships out within 1 business day, so contact us today and say goodbye to vaccine storage issues such as:

  • vaccines freezing
  • erratic and inconsistent temperatures
  • vaccine losses due to power outages
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TempArmour™ Vaccine Refrigerator

Our organization recently purchased the [TempArmour] Vaccine Refrigerator as we were having concerns with our current vaccine fridge losing temperature very quickly with power interruptions. I have been very surprised by just how efficiently this fridge has worked since it arrived on site. We recently tested the unit to see just how long it would stay within acceptable range (2 - 8 degrees) following a loss of power, and are more than shocked to see that following 7 days it is just slipping below the acceptable limit.


E. Lambiris, RN BN, Potash Corporation
Being in a rural area, with frequent power outages, I wanted to ensure our vaccine was secure, and free up the need for having someone on call at all times to deal with the vaccine fridge. With testing done for almost a month now, the [TempArmour] Refrigerator continuously holds its temperature below 8 degrees Celsius for 4 days and 5 days occasionally. Additionally, the power saving is amazing. The compressor will rarely come on, and the temperatures are as stable as can be asked, hovering between 3.2 and 3.6 degrees Celsius. This fridge is a saver! I would recommend it to anyone dealing with vaccines!
I. Reich, RN, BScN, Community Health Nurse, Chippewas of Nawash Health Centre