Cost Comparison Table

Cost Comparison of TempArmour® vs Other Refrigerators

When comparing vaccine refrigerators, take into account the entire cost of your choice! The TempArmour™ Vaccine Refrigerator provides the most effective vaccine protection as well as significant COST SAVINGS.

Vaccine Refrigerator Cost Comparison Table* (US$)

  Typical Vaccine Refrigerator

TempArmour™ Vaccine Refrigerator

Cost of Refrigerator $3,499   $3,499  
Cold Chain Incidents - Related Costs $200 per year + 0  per year
Average vaccine losses $1000 per year 0 per year
Notification systems – capital cost $200 0
Notification systems – ongoing cost $200 per year 0 per year
Maintenance cost $200 per year $100 per year
Backup power – capital cost $3,100 0
Backup power – ongoing cost $500 per year 0
Electricity cost  10c/kWh x kW/year $350 per year   $20 per year
TOTAL COST PER YEAR $7,749 $3,519
TOTAL COST OVER 10 YEARS $28,099 $4,599

Do the above numbers differ from your situation? Download our interactive COST COMPARISON PDF to plug in your own numbers for a more accurate assessment of the total expenditure for your vaccine refrigerator.


Cost of refrigerator: The same cost as the TempArmour™ Refrigerator ($3499) is used for the sake of simplicity. $1500 - $5000 is the typical cost of upright vaccine refrigerators (purpose built and comparable in the quantity of vaccines that it can hold). 

Cold chain incidents: This number comprises the human resource costs (time) incurred by staff managing cold chain incidents. TempArmour™ customers typically don’t experience refrigerator-related cold chain incidents.

Vaccine losses: $1000 per year average chosen as a typical scenario (e.g. one $10000 loss in a 10 year period). Average vaccine losses of TempArmour™ customers is $0.

Notification system costs: Remote monitoring/notification systems are available with varying costs and are important for standard vaccine refrigerators that can go out of temperature range quickly. The majority of TempArmour™ customers opt not use monitoring systems as the TempArmour typically maintains its temperature for 6 days during power outages, unplugged cords, etc.

Maintenance cost:
The TempArmour™ does not require on-site maintenance by a technician. Costs include recalibration/replacement of thermometers and data loggers when required (Note: Vaccines for Children (VFC) providers are typically required to recalibrate yearly or as per Manufacturer's instructions).

Backup-Power costs: The TempArmour™ does not require backup power as it typically maintains its temperature for 6 days during power outages, unplugged cords, etc.

$3100 USD ($3600 CAD) is the cost of a backup power system (PowerHub1800-400) that would provide 8-16 hours of backup power for a standard upright vaccine refrigerator. The cost of battery replacement every 3 years for that system is $1600 USD (approx$500/year). (Tip: if your fridge is currently hooked up to a hospital generator, using the TempArmour™ will free up that generator capacity for another critical item in the hospital).

Electricity costs: The power consumption of a typical full size upright vaccine refrigerator varies, however 400 W/hr is a reasonable estimate. The approximate power consumption of the TempArmour is 20 W/hr. Electricity costs vary therefore the average electricity cost of 10c/kwh was used. The calculated numbers were also rounded off for clarity in the example.


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