Purpose-built Vaccine Storage Unit

Designed specifically for the storage of vaccines

 TempArmour™ Vaccine Refrigerators and freezers are purpose-built vaccine storage units that have been designed to provide:

1/ Exceptional vaccine protection
2/ An affordable price with significant cost savings over the life of the refrigerator

A purpose-built vaccine storage unit is a vaccine refrigerator or freezer designed specifically for the storage of vaccines.

Although there is no formal definition, a number of vaccine storage guidelines worldwide refer to purpose-built units, and the CDC’s 2023 Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit (U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) includes a reference page on Purpose-Built Vaccine Storage Units and indicates in the most recent update that: “Purpose-built, also referred to as “pharmaceutical-grade,” units are preferred and designed specifically for storage of biologics, including vaccines.” 

The TempArmour™ Vaccine Refrigerator is well-known for its ability to maintain its temperature for 6 days during a power outage. But our customers are also surprised and impressed with how stable the temperature also remains during every-day use.

Accurate Temperature Control
 TempArmour™ appliances  incorporate a high-quality, fast reacting digital controller with microprocessor for accurate temperature control. The temperature controller is pre-set to the optimal temperature for vaccine storage in TempArmour™ refrigerators and freezers. The digital controller regulates the temperature so effectively that TempArmour™ customers find that their refrigerator/freezer temperature typically remains the same every day, year after year during the life of the refrigerator.

Certified and Calibrated Digital Data Logger with Alarm
TempArmour™ refrigerator and freezer includes a digital data logger calibrated to ISO 17025 with a settable audible and visual alarm (meets all CDC / VFC data logger requirements). We believe that all our customers should be equipped with an accurate, calibrated data logger to effectively monitor their vaccines.

Certified and Calibrated Temperature Display with Alarm
TempArmour™ refrigerators and freezers also include a Temperature Display device calibrated to ISO 17025 with a settable audible and visual alarm. It is an easy-to-use device that displays the current temperature, with minimum and maximum temperatures accessible. With the same accuracy and calibration as the data logger, this device provides a useful backup confirmation of the temperature indicated on the data logger.

Excellent Temperature Uniformity
TempArmour™ refrigerators and freezers have excellent temperature uniformity throughout the cabinet.

With minimal variance in temperature throughout these vaccine storage units, vaccines can be stored anywhere with confidence.

How about fans/forced air circulation?
Some refrigerator designs require fans and forced air circulation to keep their temperature consistent throughout the cabinet and within the 2-8 ºC (36-46 ºF) temperature range, especially after being opened.

The advantage of TempArmour™ Refrigerators is that its technology and chest configuration effectively maintains the temperature consistent throughout and in-range during normal use even when opened. This eliminates the need for fans/forced air circulation in its design and is one reason that the TempArmour™ Refrigerator is extremely energy efficient and quiet.

This also means that vaccines do not need to be spaced out to be safely maintained within 2-8ºC (36-46 ºF) and can be located anywhere in the fridge, including on the bottom, next to the sides, or at the top. Read more about the Organization of Vaccines in the TempArmour™ Refrigerator.

Click Here to find out more about the TempArmour™ Refrigerator’s Design and Technology and how it solves the common vaccine refrigeration issues of cold spots, freezing, door ajar, and temperature spikes.

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I love it! I have used many vaccine refrigerators over the years and have never previously used one that keeps temperatures so stable even when being opened constantly throughout the day.

I also like being able to look down into the fridge to find the vaccine as opposed to through to the backs of shelves in the upright fridge. The hanging baskets support the vaccines well and allow you to store a fair amount of vaccine if needed. 
L Fanset, North Lambton Community Health Centre

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