TempArmour Refrigerator - Vaccine Organization

Safe and Effective Storage and Retrieval of Vaccines


No Temperature Spikes when you Open this Refrigerator!
The TempArmour™ Refrigerator maintains its temperature in range for several minutes when opened. This means vaccine providers can take the time needed to carefully select and retrieve the correct vaccine. No more rushing to close the door to avoid temperature excursions with the TempArmour Refrigerator!

Confidently Store Vaccines Anywhere!
With very consistent temperatures throughout the refrigerator, and no cold spots or cold air vents, vaccines are safe no matter where they are placed. Impossible to place vaccines in off-limit zones in this refrigerator!

The Door Always Closes Properly!
The TempArmour™ Refrigerator virtually eliminates one of the most common causes of vaccine losses: The door left ajar.

Comprehensive Organization and Labelling System
5 baskets, adjustable/removable dividers, trays, multi-colored handles with labels, tags, and a vaccine organization chart are all tools provided to ensure that every type of office can effectively organize their vaccines. Easily separate private and public vaccines.

Vaccines can be stacked and organized by date of expiry from bottom to top; or from back to front in trays similar to organizing vaccines on shelves.

Easy Access to all 5 Baskets
With 3 baskets on top and 2 on the bottom, one of the most common questions is how easy is it to access the bottom baskets.

Have no fear – the handles and height of the bottom baskets make them very accessible and easily retrieved. In fact, we have received customer feedback that vaccine retrieval from the lower baskets is easier than vaccine retrieval from the lower shelves of upright refrigerators.

The top baskets are primarily used to store the most common vaccines, however vaccines stored on the bottom are also easily accessible. Top and bottom baskets can also be quickly switched, especially useful when checking inventory or conducting other administrative tasks (see video below).

Switching Top and Bottom Baskets:


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I love it! I have used many vaccine refrigerators over the years and have never previously used one that keeps temperatures so stable even when being opened constantly throughout the day.

I also like being able to look down into the fridge to find the vaccine as opposed to through to the backs of shelves in the upright fridge. The hanging baskets support the vaccines well and allow you to store a fair amount of vaccine if needed. 
L Fanset, North Lambton Community Health Centre

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