Customer Testimonials:

I love the TempStable, no problems and had a power outage that gave us a
real test. Happy to share my experience, feel free to give them my contact

Legacy Health System, Portland Oregon

The TempStable Vaccine Refrigerator has improved my winter. The fridge temperature has remained consistently within range and my vaccines have not had to be replaced at all. It does not take up a lot of space, it maintains a consistent temperature and it is easy to get in and out of, and the temperature is not greatly affected by the door being opened to access vaccines. We are happy that we went with this product for out clinic. 

Kind Regards, 
L. Rea 
Victoria Order of Nurses (VON) Kirkfield

After using a refrigerator/small freezer combo. for vaccine storage, and dealing with the out of range temperatures too many times, I decided to purchase the TempStable Vaccine Refrigerator. It maintained the temperature perfectly, and never went out of range for all of the studies we needed it for. 
I highly recommend this vaccine refrigerator.

M Collins, RN  President
Anderson & Collins Clinical Research, Inc.

Being in a rural area, with frequent power outages, I wanted to ensure our vaccine was secure, and free up the need for having someone on call at all times to deal with the vaccine fridge. With testing done for almost a month now, the TempStable Refrigerator continuously holds its temperature below 8 degrees Celsius for 4 days and 5 days occasionally. Additionally, the power saving is amazing. The compressor will rarely come on, and the temperatures are as stable as can be asked, hovering between 3.2 and 3.6 degrees Celsius. This fridge is a saver! I would recommend it to anyone dealing with vaccines! 

I. Reich, RN, BScN 
Community Health Nurse 
Chippewas of Nawash Health Centre


Thank you for providing me with a chance to give some feedback on the TempStable Vaccine Refrigerator. 

Our organization recently purchased the TempStable Vaccine Refrigerator as we were having concerns with our current vaccine fridge losing temperature very quickly with power interruptions. I have been very surprised by just how efficiently this fridge has worked since it arrived on site. We recently tested the unit to see just how long it would stay within acceptable range (2 - 8 degrees) following a loss of power, and are more than shocked to see that following 7 days it is just slipping below the acceptable limit. 


E. Lambiris RN BN 
Potash Corporation  


"I must say that I quite like this fridge! Prior to getting this fridge we had a high grade bar fridge which as you probably know tends to have large temp variations and high risk for temp failures and immunization loss. Which unfortunately we had. 

Approval came easy based on the reason behind the need for purchase. We had had three temp failures in a row due to power outages or fridge failures which cost a significant amount of money to our health care system. 

What I love about the TempStable Vaccine Refrigerator is that the temperature fluctuates minimally. The usual fluctuation in a day in 0.3 – 0.4 degrees even with opening the door/lid because cool air drops instead of rising up and out of the fridge. My temp range is around 3.5 consistently. 

I have not had a significant power outage as of yet so I can’t verify that for sure the temp will hold for that length however it has not gone out of range like our old fridges would have. I did, for our other three sites purchase regular vaccine fridges (due to space limitations) with a back-up power supply. These fridges have a larger temp variation when the fridge opened I’ve noticed, though have remained within range.

I also like being able to look down into the fridge to find the vaccine as opposed to through to the backs of shelves in the upright fridge. The hanging baskets support the vaccines well and allow you to store a fair amount of vaccine if needed. 

The cost of this fridge was less than having to purchase a vaccine fridge and back-up power supply separately. 

The service from this company has been exceptional! When I suggested that the baskets be redesigned so that they held the vaccine more securely they went ahead and did it and sent the new model out at no charge to us. 

I believe it is a great product, I’ve not been disappointed yet! 

L. Fanset RN 
North Lambton Community Health Centre (CHC)