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Protect medicine and vaccines and prepare for emergencies with medical refrigerators, freezers, and coolers that stay in range for up to six days without power.

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PCM – The New Standard for
Temperature-Sensitive Storage

TempArmour’s products use phase-change material (PCM) technology to stabilize temperatures without water bottles taking up space. Take the pain out of vaccine and medicine storage and make a strong emergency preparedness plan using this modern cooling technology.

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Medical Cooler

Medical Coolers

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Backup Battery Power

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Data Loggers

Peace of Mind Is Within Range

Store and access your vaccines and supplies when you need them without worrying about temperature spikes, cold spots, or freezing.

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Temperature Control

Eliminate cold chain incidents and protect vaccines with no backup power needed.

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Day After Day

Enjoy benefits like an ergonomic chest-opening design, easy data logging, and less admin.

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Minimize medicine and vaccine loss and reduce labor, energy, and maintenance costs.

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Better Capacity
and Organization

Store supplies efficiently with uniform temperatures and a simple management system.

No Power? No Problem

Protect temperature-sensitive supplies in an outage with safe, stable temperatures that last for days for superior outage and storm protection.


Worry-Free Solutions for a Range of Applications

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Plan. Prepare. Protect.

Improve your emergency preparedness with medical-grade storage that maintains stable temperatures when it matters most.

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Purpose-Built Refrigeration That Meets the Highest Standards

Meet Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Vaccines for Children (VFC) vaccine program requirements with refrigeration and data loggers built to keep supplies within temperature range.

  • Avoid cold chain incidents
  • Minimize vaccine losses
  • Easily stay up to date with temperature logs
  • Reduce paperwork due to temperature excursions

Get Tips and Insights at the Knowledge Center

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An Alternative to Ice: The New Way to Pack Vaccines for Transport

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Vaccine Protection Options for Power Outages and Your Emergency Plan

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Steady on the Go: Safely Transport Your Cold Chain Supplies When Every Minute Counts

Better Protection for a Better Experience

“The performance of the TempArmour refrigerators through Hurricane Irma was outstanding with no issues at all. We had refrigerators with vaccines in several facilities that had the power out for 2-3 days and all stayed within the required temperature range.”

Van D.

“The TempArmour vaccine refrigerator has improved my winter. The fridge temperature has remained consistently within range and my vaccines have not had to be replaced at all. It does not take up a lot of space, it maintains a consistent temperature and it is easy to get in and out of, and the temperature is not greatly affected by the door being opened to access vaccines. We are happy that we went with this product for our clinic.”

Laura R.

“After using a refrigerator/small freezer combo for vaccine storage, and dealing with the out of range temperatures too many times, I decided to purchase the TempArmour vaccine refrigerator. It maintained the temperature perfectly, and never went out of range for all of the studies we needed it for. I highly recommend this vaccine refrigerator.”

Marcia C.

Worry-Free Temperature Control When It Counts

Get medical-grade refrigeration that delivers stable, reliable temperatures day after day.

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